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 1st Practice: "IMPORTANT"

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Ms. Dana
Ms. Dana

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1st Practice: "IMPORTANT" Empty
PostSubject: 1st Practice: "IMPORTANT"   1st Practice: "IMPORTANT" Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 7:32 pm

There will be 2 Practice On-Line. Each will have 5 marks.

How to do this assignment?

Follow these steps:

(1) Download the Hand-Out or buy it from the copy-center

(2) now go to your class forum and look for your group.

(3) Each group should already chosen one to lead them for the first practice and another person for the second practice.
DO NOT discuss who should lead inside your group forum!
You should have your team-mate number
and call her to arrange everything and not ask me to come settle things
between you and your friend! You should never show me this kind of
discussions! Always present yourself and team-mate in the best possible
light! If you
feel that a certain lady in the team is pulling the team-
effort down
and that she is not pulling her own weight. Only then, come
to me
and ask me to remove her.

** First draft is done by the leader who will seek the assistance of a machine like Al-Wafi or Google Translate. ( right after class or when you get back home). so
the rest of the group has time to discuss.
Print screen from the program and up-load the picture.
This is because the forum will not accept Arabic punctuation correctly.
also,the indentation (five-letter-space) will not be clear.
When you take a picture of it (print screen),
your friends will have easier time giving you advice.

(4) From the second day to the end of the fifth, the group can
discussthe mistakes that they found in the first draft. Some ladies
do NOT discuss but rather say: oh it is so0o0o0o0o good or just
copy-pastes her translation.
When you are discussing your friend translation, you do not stop and just
give your translation ! that is unacceptable as well as rude.
in a discussion, say what you liked then what you disagree on.. if
nothing comes to mind then you must ask your self : Did i REALLY
translate that passage? because having no opinion is NOT normal.

(5) On the sixth day, the Team leader should gather all the notes
that the team made and write the FINAL draft.

(6) Print screen the final draft. then send it to the CLASS leader
and also post it at the end of the discussion.

(7) Print the discussion from the forum
and present it to your teacher next class.

(8 ) Every group will pay 1 Riyal to the leader to have the pages
(the final drafts of all groups) printed for every one.
(class Leader contact me to know the number of copies.
If you don't have time print 35 to be on the safe side.)

(9) The whole class will discuss your work.



* This is a 5-mark discussion, don't take it lightly.

* I know youcan't make a perfect translation.
so, i will grade you on how hard
you work on the discussion it self.

* Even though you are in a group, the grading is separate.

* The Class leader will get 2 marks Bonus for her extra effort.
Thank you, Class Leaders! 1st Practice: "IMPORTANT" Icon_king

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Ms. Dana
Ms. Dana

Posts : 60
Join date : 2010-02-27

1st Practice: "IMPORTANT" Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1st Practice: "IMPORTANT"   1st Practice: "IMPORTANT" Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 3:21 am

i got some students asking questions such as:

(1) do i need to print screen everything?
no no no
just 2 things
A: the Google or Al-Wafi translation.
B: the final draft from your word program.

(2) i am the Team Leader do i get 2 marks bonus?
no, only the Class Leader gets the special 2 marks bonus.
If you and your team do a good job, then maybe you will get 1 mark bonus per discussion.

(3) i am the team leader, what do i do after i post a picture of the translation from Google?
you discuss the mistakes with your team mates.

(4) is there a time limit?
of course, you should be finished and send a final draft to your Class Leader the day before the exam.

I don't read e-mails. Send me a PM.

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1st Practice: "IMPORTANT"
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